Welcome to our Charities page.  A page with information about the charities we support as well as the work they do to help.

Also there will be links and opportunities for you to get involved too! From seasonal events to year round support, it can all be found here.

Action For Children

Action For Children is a Methodist charity and is one that is supported every year.  It’s a children’s charity which works hard to help and improve the lives of those who need it. 

They provide  both practical and emotional support and work hard to ensure that the voices which are so often ignored are actually heard. Click here to be sent to their homepage for more info on their work.

This year Action For Children has set up a ‘Secret Santa’ scheme. A small donation could give a child who desperately needs it a meal, safe place to sleep or even a Christmas present. We my take for granted that full stocking on Christmas morning or the woolly, knitted jumpers from the Grandma; but some children get nothing. 

This Christmas Northallerton Methodist Church is supporting Action For Children as per usual with our annual Sing Carols (however this year it is brought to you via YouTube). We hope to raise (insert amount) and any donation would be greatly appreciated.

We hope to ‘see’ you there at 7pm on Friday 18th December, more information can be found on our Notice and Events page.

Christmas Friendship Appeal

Christmas Cards, everyone loves them. Recieving, writing, giving. All three give the same satisfaction and Christmassy feeling. However, some people don’t have anybody in their life anymore to send, write, or give a Christmas card too.

This Friendship Appeal is a scheme set up by MHA, to combat loneliness within the older community. All you have to do is submit a photo with a message on. It can be just you or a family group photo. (Howver bfore submitting a photo make sure you have the permission from your parent/guardian)

Deadline is- Thursday 10th December 2020 

More information can be found on the MHA website –

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