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During the present pandemic please continue to support Hambleton Foodshare ​​

Sadly, Tesco Northallerton have had to put a donation bin in for Fareshare.  This is a new corporate initiative and apparently out with the hands of the local store.  Nevertheless, it has already had a massive impact on our donations from Tesco with only two small bags this week from our two collections when previously it has been overflowing.

Please make sure that you put any donations that you want to come to us in the correct bin – i.e to put them in the wheelie bin for Foodshare and not the big bin– although the Corporate bin does say the food is going to Fareshare – it is in v small writing and I don’t think people donating will necessarily appreciate that it doesn’t come to us.  Particularly as it says, “help your community”.  We have been collecting in Northallerton Tesco for very many years and this will have a big impact on us.  As you know we have been extremely busy during the pandemic, so this isn’t ideal.  Clearly people are free to support whatever initiative they wish but we just want to make sure that they realise whose bin is whose.

Alison Grainger – Coordinator, Hambleton Foodshare

Current Shortages

Tinned pies,  Creamed rice, Custard, Hot dogs, Jars of jam, Small Sugar, Tinned fruit, Toothpaste, Deodorant & Shampoo