Logo and Title Comp:

Hello everyone! As I’m sure you have all guessed, this is a brand new website section that I have created as part of my ONE project and I am asking for a little bit of help.

This website is in dire need of a name and logo, and I was wondering if you could help me design one.

The competition is super easy- simply design your own logo in a shape. This could be as a circle, square, star- anything really! With a nice design inside. I’m looking for a striking and bold design with lots of colour that goes together with a title that you have made up for the website.

Inspo ideas:

How to enter:

Simply get your parents to email us at- , before November 30th 2020. Make sure you put your name on your design or in the email.

The winner will be announced and also congratulated on the website once decided. Could it be you???

A prize will be given out to the winner that day as well as participation treats for all involved. 🎁

I hope to receive many entrants. I have a feeling it will be very hard to judge though.

Thanks for all your help,

😁 xxx