Activities, history, fun and games updated around the year all found here!

I will be posting fun summer activities and ideas down below here; as the days go on and sun shines more and more!

Activities for Home

Summer colouring, relaxing and therapeutic for a bit of down time with yourself. Loads of free downloads can be found online but I have found a few pdf’s that can be printed off: Beach colouring, Summer Colouring, Sandcastle colouring. 


Outdoor Activities

Now that the sun has finally been making an appearance, it has been nice to spend some time outside in the sun; but what to do?

Here some ideas if you, like me, have absolutely no clue what to do some times:

  • Daisy Chains. An absolute classic but also much patience is needed and a supply of daisies.
  • Sponge Water Tag. I found this idea online and I think it’s a perfect way to keep cool in the heat!                                                                                                                                                                                        How to play: It is honestly so easy, first get enough sponges for one per player and split into two teams. Have two water buckets (one for each team) and if you wish, cut your sponge into a cool shape. The game will be alot like dodge ball, but with sponges of course.                    Split the playing area into two, one team on either side. The aim of the game is to throw your sponge, after dunking it in the water, so it hits another player on the opposite team (below shoulders only). If you get hit you are out, and last standing player’s team wins!
  • The next activity is perfect for all those with an imagination and great excersise for all those weeks where there is no PE. And that activity is a chalk obstacle course. All that is needed for this to work is chalk and some chalkable ground.                                                                    Make your dream obstacle course come to life with your imagination, although if real obstacles were added to make it more realistic then go for it. 
  • Ice Cream Sundaes. So this may technically be an indoor activity, but, you can take them to enjoy outside; therefore it become and in and out activity.                                                                        There is nothing more summery than ice cream, and with sundaes you can experiment with toppings and flavours making them really cool and unique.    

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  3. Hi Abigail,
    Thanks for all your activity suggestions that you put on here for advent & Christmas-they were great! And so interactive ☺️
    Hope you’re managing ok in this latest lockdown-stay safe & well.
    Thanks for all your fabulous work on this youth page-it’s much appreciated.
    From the Corcoran family x

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